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Fawzia Khan & Associates (Attorneys Conveyancers Notaries)

A couple about to divorce usually appoint separate attorneys to represent each of them, hoping to get the best deal they can. Soon the legal bills from both lawyers start to mount up as does the stress levels of the couple and children.

Mediation is an affordable, efficient, viable and altogether better alternative to litigation.

Children are often the hardest hit victims of a divorce. Even though divorce can be traumatic for children, they can heal knowing that their parents are working together as adults with their best interests in mind. Mediation also helps them to work together as parents after the divorce.

Fawzia Khan, a practising attorney and family lawyer, acts as mediator and will assist a couple to resolve the issues in their divorce. Fawzia Khan, acts as an independent neutral mediator and will assist a couple to resolve the issues in their divorce. She draws on her legal background in excess of 20 years to guide parties through the issues and to achieve a win- win situation.

By using her knowledge and negotiating skills, Fawzia Khan will help them formulate an agreement that will be acceptable to both of them and to the Court and if necessary will help to formalize the divorce on an unopposed basis.

Typical divorce costs can run up to ten times higher than the mediation cost. In a mediation process you pay per session. Depending on the willingness of the parties to settle, a mediation process can take approximately 4-6 sessions before finalisation.

In the unlikely event of a matter not being settled, an agreement can be prepared on all settled issues, and the parties can either litigate the remaining issues or take further time to think about them and come back to mediation.

The so called " Brownlee" case, in 2010 which penalized the attorneys who took a divorce matter to trial, incurring huge legal costs for the client, without offering mediation to the client, and the fact that Mediation is now compulsory in terms of the Children's Act, has now changed the divorce law landscape in South Africa. Mediation is now clearly regarded as the better alternative to litigation.

With her special training as a Mediator facilitate discussions between the couple with a view to getting a Memorandum of Understanding signed.

Fawzia is professionally assisted by Malusa Naidoo who is an admitted Attorney.

Fawzia is happily married and has 3 teenage children. Spending quality time with her husband and children is important to her. Her husband, a golf enthusiast, has managed to convince all 3 children and Fawzia to take up the game. Fawzia says she can now understand how addictive golf can become and found that golf has become a wonderful way for the entire family to spend time together whilst enjoying the outdoors.

Fawzia Khan is an admitted Attorney, Conveyancer, Notary Public & trained Divorce Law Mediator. Her law practice, Fawzia Khan & Associates was founded in 1990.
Fawzia has also been appointed as Commissioner of the Small Claims Court, since 1992.
Fawzia Khan
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